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Hi, I’m  Felicia Kane and I’m just your girl next door who loves all things fashion. Well, maybe not your ordinary girl - I’m pretty unique, and through fashion, I allow myself to feel confident while being different. "Different," a simple word with a complexity of meanings. What makes someone different? What even is normal? Why do people find it so important to fit in? My Life has always been different and unique. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I trained at the gym after school five days a week for three hours each day; my weekends were filled with competitions. While I missed out on what many would call a "typical teen experience," I wouldn't change a thing. Gymnastics was my life. It gave me character and the confidence to stand out. I was always uniqueI always followed my dreams and continue to do so today through fashion. My passion for taking affordable pieces of clothing and accessories and making them look like luxury has become my outlet for creativity and is what differentiates me in the blogging world. I'm excited to share my secrets with you on how to look stylish, chic, and trendy in affordable brands. As Coco Chanel once said, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." So, join me on my journey of self-expression and creativity. Let down your guard, put away your fears, be bold, and walk with me down Fashion Avenue. 





My life as a competitive gymnast





I Was On The Ellen DeGeneres Show!



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