The It Glasses: Illesteva

If you don't have 20-20 vision, you know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect pair of glasses that you love to put on every morning. For me, that was always a constant struggle. I could never seem to find glasses that I LOVED and felt confident in - well, ones that weren't designer, which was never going to fly with my parents. While I also love the functionality of contacts, fashion glasses are totally in. Being a style guru, I love experimenting with all the newest fashion trends. Fast forward and I’m doing just that: spending the day doing one of my favorite things: exploring the small boutiques in SoHo, NYC.

Meet Illesteva: A New York designed, Italian and French manufactured eclectic fashion brand, ranging in products from sunglasses and opticals to umbrellas and handbags. Each product is handmade with the utmost care and finest materials. Featuring the latest trends and jumping the fashion calendar, this brand caters towards all different types of wallets.

I found this brand in 2014 when shopping the lively SoHo streets with a good friend - this was the summer before my freshman year in college and I wanted to arrive in style, of course. Every sales associate was trendy chic and helped me as I tried on each pair of sunglasses, eventually purchasing the Millan III Sunglasses in Tortoise with blue mirrored lenses. Safe to say I instantly fell in love and have never turned back. Today, almost four years later, these are still my favorite pair of sunglasses.

Now, I wear contacts almost every day; however, I was really craving that cool street-style look, yes, the one with the high-waisted jeans, cropped sweater, and trendy glasses. This had me wondering: how stylishly chic would the Milan III sunglasses look as an optical? So, I returned to the store in Soho and asked if I could do just that. They simply took my prescription and the rest was history. 

But seriously, Illesteva is a brand you don't want to miss out on. They're a quality investment you'll have for a very long time and will be worth the extra $$$ when you're feeling more confident walking down the street. 



Fashion tip: If you wear contacts, it is so important to carry a pair of fashionable opticals with you in case your contacts fall out or your eyes become dry, itchy, or red. Always be ready to stay on trend, and of course to see while doing so!



XX, Fe


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