You're Going To Want To Be This Type of NARS(ISSIST)

With a multitude of amazing different cosmetic brands on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down and choose the perfect eyeshadow palette that is both high quality and affordable. Although makeup is personal reference and a product that works for me may not be the best for someone else, there are definitely certain characteristics that make up - no pun intended - great products. From minimal ingredients to long-lasting and smooth applications, quality makeup should not leave your skin/eyes/mouth feeling caked or dry. You want your face to feel fresh and light while looking effortlessly beautiful.  

When I first started to wear makeup, I always bought my eye products at CVS: I found their prices to be reasonable and the variety to be just what I needed at the time; however, as I got older and started to think more about makeup as an art, my tastes and preferences started to change - I was ready to invest in a good palette.

I love to accentuate my eyes and give them a personality of their own - Trust me, I've perfected the Smize, thank you Tyra Banks - and have tried all the different eye trends from the long winged eyeliner to the very dark smokey eye. Well, long story short, I was never very good at that and the raccoon style was not my look. I desperately needed a change and that's when I went to Sephora to get professional guidance.

Introducing the NARSissist wanted eyeshadow palette, the product that has transformed my look! I have hazel eyes and I found that the 12 different shades - from nudes to deep maroon - within this palette complement my eye color and skin tone. Creating a smokey eye with these color tones makes for a very vibrant and light look. My favorite thing about this palette is using the darker colors to outline my eyes, giving them a natural pop of color without saturating my lids with shadow and dark eyeliner. Using the Temptress shade, which is a deep red, I outline my eye from the outer crease to the middle of my lid. This is my perfect day look when I don't want to wear too much makeup but still want to make a statement. 


This palette illuminates a natural glow that is so on-trend in the makeup industry right now. Priced at $59, you get a bang for your buck with an added bonus of its absolutely stunning packaging!


XX, Fe

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