Avec Les Filles, Please

BCBG’s daughter has her own clothing line, and FEshionista’s, it’s simply amazing. On trend, cutting edge, and “with the girls” are just a few words to describe her brand. Joyce Azria’s doors opened at Macy’s, where she established “200 shop in shops,” and has continued to build her company and expand into other department stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom; her brand is also sold online at Aveclefilles.com, Revolve.com, Gilt.com, Zappos.com, Bloomingdale’s.com, and Nordstrom.com. The best part? Most of her products are in the perfect price range for that college student or budget conscious individual who craves the latest trends and desires to stay ahead of the fashion calendar. Ladies, it’s time to strut down the sidewalk with personality, and trust me, this brand is all the feels.


Fashion is about the details and that extra boost of confidence you get from looking good. This sentiment is exactly what Joyce Azria’s brand preaches. Introducing Avec Le Filles – “with the girls” – simple French words transformed into a fashion company with the purpose of empowering women. They say that copying someone/something is the best form of flattery, so, come and join the movement. Start this trend, copy one another, spread the word and wear this brand with the utmost pride.



At this point, if you haven’t opened a new tab, landed on Bloomingdale’s.com and added an item of her clothing to your shopping cart, what’s your address? I’ll do it for you!


From dresses to scarves to shoes, Joyce Azria does it all. Curating each collection with newness, uniqueness, and boldness while having a strong brand presence allows Azria to gain stake in this ever-changing world of fashion. No matter what type of item she designs, she is sure to add some sort of pattern or hardware to distinguish herself and make it her own.


With the rise of the Time’s Up Movement, women of all ages are coming together with the strong purpose of empowering one another to create change. No longer are we keeping quiet or allowing ourselves to stay in the background; we are standing up for what we believe in and for what we deserve. We are all joining this movement, we are all standing strong, and we are all Avec Le Filles.    

Felicia Kane