How To Take Fashion From The Runway To The Street

Trendsetters, this one’s for you. With the whirlwind that defines Fashion Week, it’s hard to keep up with the next best looks of the season. The styles prancing down the runway, while beautiful and exciting, often feel impractical for the non-celebrity viewer. Come on, no one is actually going to wear a flower bouquet as Gigi Hadid did when she closed the Moschino Spring 2018 ready-to-wear show. Fashion designers are inspired by cultures, current events, and societal defiance’s, often showcasing these influences through the creation of avant-garde shows that lack transference from the runway to the street. It’s the themes sewn into each designer show where new trends emerge, making their way into your closet.

Colors, patterns, and silhouettes galore! This season’s fashion shows were full of cutting edge styles and trends, ranging from single-shoulder cutouts to deconstructed suiting. Cleanse your palette, because refreshing bold colors are making their debut this Spring. The world is your runway. Don’t fear the unattainable, embrace it. If you need a little help on how to, you’ve come to the right spot. Below are my top 5 picks to rock the runway on the street this Spring.


#1. Get Ready to Rock 50 Shades of Yellow


 “Can’t” should no longer be part of your vocabulary because yellow is the next big thing. Step out and feel beautiful in this bright, inviting color – everyone is doing it. If different shades of yellow coupled together give you a fright, ease your way into this trend. How? Kick off the new season with these Steve Madden sandals for a subtle hint of yellow on your feet. They’re simple, yet trendy and fashion forward.


#2. Dance The Day Away in Sparkling Sequins


This year’s Fashion Week brought sequins from tacky to tasteful. Pops of shimmer will keep you turning heads as you dance the day away. WARNING: Don’t overdo this trend. Know when and where and how much is too much. Look fierce at school or a day at the mall with a sequin bomber jacket, then transform this trend to a chic sequin jumpsuit for a sparkly night out.


#3. Bare the Chill with Asymmetrical Shoulders


Hey there cold shoulder, we’ve got a new trend for you. Walk right off the catwalk in a funky, roughly designed asymmetrical top. Whether a sweater, a t-shirt, or a blouse, you must incorporate this trend into your Spring wardrobe. These little cutouts speak for themselves. It’s the perfect touch to a simple outfit, creating the newness everyone wants to their closets.


#4. Business Women, Suits Are Not Just for You


Want to look posh and professional? If you answered yes, then this look is for you. Trendsetters, Wall Street is calling. Seen all over the runway, designers could not get enough of untailored suiting as an everyday look. Whether pairing pinstripes together or throwing on a deconstructed blazer to complete your outfit, this style is here to stay. Finish your look with a chic silk neck scarf.


#5.Bring it Back to The 70’s with Denim on Denim


Denim has not left the runway yet. It’s back and better than ever this season. Straight out of a 1970’s fashion show, this denim on denim trend will have you strutting the streets with attitude. STYLE TIP: Mix different washes of denim for your tops and bottoms. If you think you look like a farmer, at least be a trendy one, because this will be one of the hottest looks this Spring.

Fashion Week is exciting - You get to see a futuristic version of what the upcoming trends will be. Don't be scared, embrace your inner fashionista and allow yourself to experiment with these trends in a way that comforts you. If you have any questions or comments, you know I'm your girl. XX, Fe

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