My Go-To Juices

Eating right and listening to my body has always been an important part of my lifestyle. As a competitive gymnast, I learned early on the value of nourishing my body correctly and incorporated all different types of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, etc. into my daily diet. I love following and jumping on the bandwagon of the "next big healthy trend."

When Instagram came out in 2010, it was the perfect platform that enabled me to follow my fitness and celebrity role models and watch them post and share new products. This is where I owe a huge thank you to Cambrie Schroder - a beautiful model promoting health and fitness - who first introduced me to Pressed Juicery after posting how much she loved it on her social media accounts. Call me crazy but I HAD to find out for myself what this craze was all about, so I ordered a package of this amazing, California based, cold-pressed juice from LA to NY in the Fall of 2013. Safe to say I definitely understood the obsession. 


These Juices were like nothing I have ever tried before. How did drinking Kale, thyme, and lemon actually taste good? My life was officially changed and I wanted to learn more about the juicing craze.

The juices at Pressed Juicery are cold-pressed, which means that a "hydraulic press is used to extract vitamins, minerals, and enzymes with little oxidation and no heat to produce the freshest, cleanest, and smoothest tasting juice “ These juices taste great and contain tons of important vitamins and antioxidants.

When I have a juice as a meal substitute, I always choose one that contains some protein and one of my absolute favorite juices from Pressed is Vanilla Almond, which contains almonds, dates, sea salt, and vanilla. The consistency is a little thicker and the added protein keeps me feeling full and energized for hours!

Another brand of juice that I love is Jus by Julie. Her juices are blended, not cold-pressed. Translation: they incorporate the whole fruit and vegetable including skin and fiber, which contain lots of healthy nutrients! Julie's mission back in 2011 when she started her business was "to inspire the world to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and it starts by fueling your body with natural whole foods that are both delicious and packed with essential nutrients." You can taste her mission in every juice! My favorite Jus by Julie product is the PB & Jus smoothie made with natural peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, and rice milk - it's absolutely delicious! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.11.33 PM.png

What I love about juicing is that in addition to tasting great, I instantly feel like I’ve done something healthy and filled my body with an important dose of nutritious fruits and vegetables I might otherwise not have had.

XX, Fe

Felicia Kane